#1 Party Rental Company In Tampa, Florida Our Name Speaks for Itself
#1 Party Rental Company In Tampa, Florida Our Name Speaks for Itself

Inflatable # 6 "15 ft Hydro Water Slide" 💦
Inflatable # 6


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15 ft Hydro Water Slide Rental Tampa | Splashy Adventure - Grade A Rentals of Tampa

Daily Rates!

Regular Price Overnight + ($45) Multi-Day + (50% Ea. Additional Day)
$275.00 $320.00 $412.50

Actual Size: 14 x 24 x 15

Monitors: Min 1 Adult

Outlets: One 110vt outlet

Age Group: All Ages

The 15 feet Hydro Water Slide is the perfect addition to any outdoor party or event, offering a thrilling and refreshing way to beat the Florida heat in Tampa. This eye-catching wet/dry slide is sure to entertain both kids and adults, providing hours of excitement and fun for all ages. Measuring an impressive 15 feet in height, this Hydro Water Slide is a towering presence that will make a bold statement at any gathering. Its vibrant colors and attention-grabbing design are sure to draw the attention of all who see it, making it a popular attraction at parties, corporate events, and community gatherings. Whether you're looking to cool off on a hot summer day or simply looking for a fun and exciting way to entertain guests, the Hydro Water Slide is the perfect solution. With its dual wet/dry capabilities, it can be used with or without water, depending on your preferences and the weather conditions. Kids will love the thrill of sliding down the slippery surface, splashing into the refreshing pool of water at the bottom, and then scaling the ladder to do it all over again. Meanwhile, adults can join in on the fun and relive their childhood memories while creating new ones with their friends and family.