#1 Party Rental Company In Tampa, Florida

#1 Party Rental Company In Tampa, Florida

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Water Slide Rentals Tampa

Water slide rentals Tampa are super fun ways to add a little fun to your next party.  If you are looking to wow your guests or give your child a fun day, give us a call.   We offer water slide rentals for both small backyard events to large community events and everything in between.  Our water slide rentals Tampa come in all shapes and designs as you can see. We work hard to continue to offer unique and fun party rentals that the entire family can enjoy.

Florida gets hot, we all know that.  Why not cool off for the splashing on a water slide.  Our water slide rentals are state inspected every year.  This ensures that you are renting from a professional that cares about your safety.  We are a licensed and insured professional party rental company.  We take party rentals very seriously and it shows with our excellent customer service.  As residents of Tampa ourselves we take the time to get to know our clients and their needs. We care deeply about our company's reputation.  You will always be treated with the utmost respect by our team members.  

Add some fun with party rentals.

If you are looking to have a great time, then check out our party rentals.  We not only offer amazing water slide rentals Tampa but also so many other wonderful things such as bounce house rentals too.  Take a look at the selection and we are sure that you won't be disappointed. Our bounce house rentals are sure to please.  We take the time after each rental to carefully clean and sanitize to ensure the safety of our clients and crew members.  Your safety is important to us, that's why we suggest setting up your water slide rentals Tampa on the grass.  

Have we mentioned that we deliver and set up?  That's right, these are pretty heavy and hard for those that have never done it to set them up.  However, we do this day in and day out and do this with ease.  We do ask that you have a clear 4 foot path for our guys and equipment to pass through from the truck to the area for setup.  This is because some of these rentals, although come rolled up are some pretty large rolls.  if you should have a fence gate or other obstructions it can make it impossible for setup.  We also don't go up flights of stairs or large hills.  Our equipment isn't made for that.  However, if you have a nice flat front lawn, we can set it up there instead.  

We set up the rentals for you.

Our water slide rentals Tampa should be set up outdoors, some of our other rentals are perfect for indoor setup, should that be desired.  Water slides are very messy and shouldn't be inside.  However, you can use the water slide units as dry slides and those would do just fine inside.  When renting a water slide be sure that you have access to both water and power.  The slide will need a hose attached to it and the power to keep it inflated.  Yes, the fan must and will run the entire time of the party.   We will provide instructions on how-to will be back by to pick it up from you.  We do all the heavy lifting by setting it up and picking it back up at the end of the day.  

If you are looking to give your kids a fun and exciting day, then why not rent a water slide.  While this isn't the most conventional way to keep your kids entertained but they will never forget.  While you are having a nice day of peace and quiet, the kids will be out playing and have a great time.  This is perfect for getting some much needed housework done or go out and enjoy yourself with them.  Most of our water slides Tampa are large enough to have adults on them as well. So why not have a little fun?  

Inflatable rentals

Other than our water slide rentals Tampa we have other inflatable rental options.  Take a look around at the various inflatable rentals you have to choose from.  We have a vast selection as we want to have something for everyone.  

Our water slide rentals Tampa and other party rentals make great fundraising events.  We offer many different rentals that can be combined to make an inflatable rental carnival.  That's right, have a few of them and watch the kids have the time of their lives.  You can charge at the door or charge per ride the kids are on, it is totally up to you.  Our rentals have been used as fundraisers for many different things.  We have set up at schools, in churches, and in people's backyards.  We come to you with everything you need to have a wonderful day.  All you need to provide is an outlet and a hose.  We will take care of the rest.

Should you have any issues with the water slide rentals Tampa, give us a call. We are simply a phone call away at all times.  When you are done with your water slide rentals Tampa we come back by and pick it up.  It is simple and convenient for our clients.  These are perfect for birthday parties, community events, church events, and fundraisers to name a few.  We have worked with businesses as well as homeowners to get them the party rentals they need to throw the best party ever.  

Affordable rental solutions.

If you are looking to wow your guests, then take a look at our water slide rentals Tampa.  This isn't something that is at every party. They are fun and affordable and the kids will be talking about this day for years to come.  Water slide rentals are a great way to entertain a bunch of kids without you having to lift a finger.  They will play on this for hours and leave you completely alone, sounds nice, right?  However, if you want to join in in the fun, they are large enough for adults and teens to really have a great time too.  Call us today and let's set up your next party.